Photo Session Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and coditions of doing a shoot with me of which you must follow accordingly.

  • I will choose the location and the style that we will shoot it in. Do not send me links asking if I can do 'something like this'. I have my own personal style.

  • You may choose the outfits (a maximum of two or three). Outfits can be solid coloured or with prints, but no printed text whatsoever.

  • Being punctual is extremely important so tardiness will not be tolerated. If I tell you that you must be ready at a certain time, you must be ready at that time.

  • If you must cancel, please tell me at least 24 hours in advance.

  • I normally do the driving and pick up my models so if you do not trust me enough to know where you live, then we cannot work together.

  • You must be able to be attentive, listen and follow directions well.

  • I will not email any photos. If you would like to possess the photos, you must provide me with a USB flash drive (at least 1 GB) on the day of said shoot or I highly recommend you download Dropbox. And never will I give you every single image that I have shot for that day.

  • Do not crop or re-edit the images in anyway after you have received them. It shows that you do not like my style of work, so why would you even hire me in the first place?

  • I will shoot guys, but I do not shoot couples, events, or even cars for that matter. My proficiency and interest are in fashion photography.

  • At this time, you may not invite any friend(s) to be in the shoot with you.

  • You may email me if you have further questions: andy[at]andrewsho[dot]com

    Disclaimer: By agreeing to shoot with me, you give me full permission to use any of the photos for my website, blog, Flickr, and/or portfolio. And I enjoy what I do so please, let's not ruin it.